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Chief Financial Officer - The CFO represents the bridge between finance and operations. The CFO is the executive officer responsible for directing all financial aspects of the business, including financial planning.
Management makes better business decisions through collaboration with a CFO. Financial information is translated into strategic actions to improve future results.
Controller - Manages the internal accounting programs and personnel, including cost accounting, systems and procedures, and data processing.
Systems and processes are streamlined to produce maximum results with minimum human effort. Accounting systems capture all relevant data, and management reports are tailored to present a “dashboard” view of results.
Accounting - Records daily activity, pays bills and invoices customers. Closes the books each month, making adjustments to ensure expenses and revenue are matched, and prepares the monthly internal financial statements.
Management receives timely, accurate financial information on which to base important decisions.

Good information in = reliable reports out.


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Paradigm (n.): A way of thinking that determines how one interprets and responds to situations.