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The Process

It's important to us that we understand and see eye-to-eye with our clients. So our first step is to sit down with a potential client, ask some questions and listen to them until we understand their needs, goals, challenges and opportunities. Next, we work together to decide which services will work best for them. We then draft a proposal, detailing their customized package of services and related monthly fee, and outlining our respective responsibilities.

Over the course of our relationship, we adapt to the changing needs of our clients. Since we typically work together for many years, the kinds of services needed by a particular client may evolve as the client grows and possibly expands into new markets.

If a client expects to grow to the point where they will need a full-time CFO in the future, we can meet their current needs as they grow, working as a bridge until they reach that point. Once they need a full-time CFO on staff, we can help them choose the right candidate for the job.


Please contact us at 206.331.3972 to learn more about our services, or to schedule an individual consultation.

Paradigm (n.): A way of thinking that determines how one interprets and responds to situations.