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About Us

Our mission, at New Paradigm CFO, is to help mid-sized businesses achieve their financial goals, providing financial leadership to maximize their profits while building the foundation they need for continued future growth. We believe that American "Small Business" * is the lifeblood of our economy. Those who own and manage businesses in this sector must use their resources creatively in order to thrive. We are committed to helping them do so.

Our firm was founded in 2005 to satisfy a growing need in business today - a need for financial expertise that "gets" business. With the economic shift in 2008, this need has only intensified. We all now operate in a new economic paradigm, unlike any other in history. Technology is what makes this current paradigm different from past economic challenges. We can now respond to changes in new ways, developing new paradigms of operation within our businesses. This is exactly what New Paradigm CFO does for our clients.

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* - The U.S. Small Business Administration generally defines a "Small Business" as below $31 million in revenue and 100 employees. This may be different for different industries.


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Paradigm (n.): A way of thinking that determines how one interprets and responds to situations.